SINGLE REVIEW – Tourists – We’ll talk about it

There’s the familiar almost-twang of what might once have been Johnny Marr‘s guitar, the borrowed synths of another era and the echo of vocals clipped with nostalgia. The bass rattles beneath the beat of the drums and the image is of fading sunlight on empty seaside towns. Torquay, once renown for its amusements and seafront, has given us the aptly named Tourists, a four piece rooted whose new EP, Hidden Desires arrives on 13th August.

The bridge kicks in and it’s all Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure, a simple shard of music once designed for a 4AD or Mute sampler, now drifting from the speakers, delayed in time.

Certainly worth listening, definitely for aficionados of the new 80s sound that has been so popular as of late.

Check out the song below

Jacob Milnestein


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