Festival Preview – Reading Festival

So it’s that time of the year for Reading Festival to big themselves up and bring out the best artists and bands to excite everyone. Foo Fighters were the highlight of last year’s festival, so would they top this ? By bringing three little acts of Eminem, Green Day and Biffy Clyro. Heard of them? So when the announcement came around  that Green Day, Biffy Clyro and Eminem will be headlining this year’s festival, who wouldn’t want to quickly grab those golden tickets?  As more bands were announced, the line up got more interesting, especially with the main stage , turning it in to a rock/metal kind of weekend, and the atmosphere and anticipation began to rise even more.
If you’re looking forward to the festival ,  it’s time to know that it’s only less than a month away from those official dates, so better buy those wellies (let’s hope it won’t rain), and tents to pitch up.

Musically, it’s been a build up of celebration. It’s been 11 years since Eminem has last played at a festival, so where better to finally come back by playing as headline act?
His performances are known to be heavy and phenomenal, so let’s see what the UK crowd can give to Mr Marshall Mathers.
Deftones will be celebrating 25 years as a band on the stage of Reading, it ‘ll also be an emotional performance considering everything they have been through the past couple of months. The line up in general is diverse so you’ll either walk in to a tent of rap, or rock.
Other bands include System of Down, Nine Inch nails and Fall out boy, who will all be bringing new material and nostalgic memories.

Emotionally, Reading festival is the place to be at,and this year will be no different, it’ll make you cry, laugh, jump and just have a good time  especially after the festival, you can reminisce as most performances will be recorded for you to see on the site or BBC.

Check out the video of best bits of 2012:

Here’s a little playlist for Reading festival!

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