FEATURE OF THE DAY – Charlie Indestructible

As I’ve mentioned before, supporting the smaller local bands allows you see the amount of talent that the band and realising how much they deserve it more than the bigger bands in the music industry. A band that definitely deserves bigger attention is Charlie Indestructible, a band with much stage presence that when you go see them as part of curiosity, you leave as a brand new fan of the band. Every song keeps you in this motivated state of encouragement whilst in the mood of wanting to mosh.  They recently released an EP called This city needs an hero and have since been playing at many shows. So if you’re willing to check out local scene, and have an open mind that there is more to than just average musicians, check out Charlie Indestructible.


Listen to their album below

Charlie Indestructible will be playing in London at the Buffalo Bar on 6th August. Get your tickets at the door for £5

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