SONG OF THE DAY – The Kingcrawlers – Ride on cowboy

If Summer were a bunch of songs covered in beer and messy decisions, the song Ride on cowboy by The Kingcrawlers would be just as what was described.  We’ve been listening to this song for most of the day, and it has been stuck in our heads with how definitely catchy this sounds and that isn’t a bad thing.  The track clearly has influential elements from The Black Keys mixed with a bit of early Kings of Leon, and yet the band has defined their own kind of sound, remaining gritty and raw  through out the song.  Ride on cowboy opens in a way where you start of curious and then it instantly hits you with the vocals catching you off guard.  You can’t help but sing along with the cool riffs that encourages you either  grab a beer or tap your feet, even maybe spilling the beer in the process. When Ride on cowboy finishes abruptly, it  leaves you wanting more , for it to carry on, and makes you wonder like “what, is that it?” however, luckily the song can be constantly repeated without being bored of it, and so we have to confess, we’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve repeated the song.

So put this song on your summer playlist and watch as this song takes up your day with procrastination.

The Kingcrawlers will be releasing their new EP on August 5th

Check them out on facebook :


Sarah Tsang

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