SINGLE REVIEW – Lesser Key – Intercession

Creativity is what is needed to keep the fire of a band going, and this is what Lesser Key has in their music , especially with their debut single, Intercession.
Intercession is from Lesser Key’s album, and with the fact that they worked with producer, Sylvia Massey, and having a former Tool bassist in the band,  Lesser Key are sure to bring a storm in  to the rock music industry.  The band show creativity and passion through their music videos and their work,, particularly in their latest music video for Intercession.
You assume from the moment you hear the bass lines as soon as the song starts , it will go straight to heavy screaming vocals or massive guitar riffs, but it surprises you as listener that as soon as the vocals hit in, it leads you to in to an imaginative world,the music has elements of a Deftones kind of sound, and though there’s no need to compare because the band has their own way of working through.  If you can imagine yourself in a scenario of being kidnapped and held in to a chair, and the vocalist trying to help you out of the situation , this is how I see myself while listening to this song especially with the lyrics with “Break down the walls, hold us in, so we can reconnect”. It is clear that Lesser Key explores musically and emotionally and brings it in to their work.
This is sure to throw off people as they listen to the song, and realise how interesting this band is. There is so much potential for this band to get bigger and capture the attention of everyone.
Let’s see what the future holds for Lesser Key but from the looks of things, it’s a brightly lit road ahead.

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