ALBUM REVIEW – Angels of Babylon – Thundergod

Being the person that I am, I am usually late to the party for many albums that I’ve missed out on and wished I started listening from the beginning.  In this case, it is Angels of Babylon that I’ve only come across recently by accident.  Thundergod was released back in May and it is a Angels of Babylon’s second full length album.
The album remains consistently strong through out the album, and what stands out the most are the vocals from new frontman Diego Valdez. His vocals and the melodic riffs of guitarist Ethan Brosh seem to punch you straight in the gut is what keeps you interested as you listen to every track. Valdez delivers impressively especially in songs like Queen Warrior, King of all Kings  and White star line.   The album is filled with charisma and it is easy to imagine how each song can get the audience pumped in a live music setting. The atmospheric sounds show the ability to clearly show there is so much power and force and gives goosebumps when listening to songs like True Brothers and The Enemy. With the music and vocals, it is something that lures you in to keep you listening.

Overall, Thundergod is a mixture of madness and calm, that doesn’t dwell in such emotions so quickly but carved with excellency and heaviness in what a successful album should be like.


Sarah Tsang

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