GIG REVIEW – Fuckface Unstoppable at Underworld, London 23/07/13

Two sold out shows at the Underworld, not bad for a band that started out not so long ago, and just doing their own thing.  Bam Margera is the centre of it all with his friends. There really isn’t any way to explain what the Fuckface Unstoppable gig was like last night at the Underworld except that it was just  totally  awesome.  It was like everything a gig should be,  filled with people who basically didn’t give a shit but just to have fun. The support bands, Evarane and Generation Graveyard had build up the atmosphere, the best way a support band could, especially Generation Graveyard. The band treated themselves like the main band and that’s what a support band should be. To be confident despite knowing that the audience were only here for the main band and not for the support. They ripped up the place, with circle pits , pouring alcohol in to people’s mouths and grabbing fans from the crowd who then either stage dived or stayed and sang with the band.

Bam Margera and his friends aren’t new for their antics especially if you used to watch Jackass and his solo shows, infact they’re well known for it, and so to bring it to the stage, is quite possibly the best idea ever. The band is called Fuckface Unstoppable and they basically had The Underworld in their palm of their hands.  The band opened the show in the most hilarious way I’ve seen at a gig in a long time, with the explanation that Brandon Novak was in hospital a few days ago, the band dragged him out during Phil Collin’s In the air tonight on a boat dinghy and he quite literally crowd surfed through the audience. It’s one of those moments where you just had to be there and knowing the layout of the Underworld, it was funnier watching him going around the pillar.  Other highlights of the show, was the crowd singing back to the band in “All my friends are dead”, a song that was covered as their first music video, Jesse Margera and Alex Flamsteed playing the drums together, Flamsteed bringing two girls on during a song, who then flashed at the crowd and Bend my dick. Bend my dick is the kind of song that is really hard to resist live despite not being a fan of it, yet the dubstep and drumming that led to everyone especially the band going crazy to this song was a great sight to see. At some points, Flamsteed was on the floor , while Bam sang at him, aswell as just girls flashing at Bam in general from the crowd, and him approving with a thumbs up. It was just a huge pile of mess and major carnage and no-one in that rowdy crowd would have it any other way. Chaos wrapped up in a package of brilliant madness.

And as the set finished, it reminded me that this sell out second London show  was the last UK date of the tour, and what a way to send it off. After everything that had happened last night, you begin to muster a thought of what’s next for the band when all this is done, will there be more?, and then you realise, it’s fucking Bam Margera, he does whatever the fuck he wants. Total dudes.

See live  photos here


Sarah Tsang

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