FEATURE OF THE DAY – Festival Preview: Holi One Festival

If we could spend our whole summer in the park, throwing coloured powder at eachother, listening to music and  just spending the rest of our days being multi-coloured in happiness, we would, and now we are in luck. Through so much coverage from events happening all over the world and the inspiration of the original event in India, Holi One festival is finally coming to the UK and we couldn’t be more excited as it is going to be held in London. We will be bringing photo coverage.

Here are five reasons why you should come to Holi One Festival in London

1) Take part in the first ever event in London

Holi One is finally coming to London on August 3rd, and what way to celebrate the first ever event by coming along?!.  Be part of a day of experience and just battering eachother in the faces with Gulal colour powder. It is something not to be missed.


2) It is inspired by the Holi Festival in India 

Holi one festival is inspired by the Holi Festival in India, it is also named “FESTIVAL OF COLOURS”.  An event where it celebrates the new season and waving goodbye to winter by celebrating wildly with bonfires and throwing coloured paint. The idea of this has travelled across the world where thousands of people dress in white clothing to be covered in a colourful mess while waiting for the 2pm countdown to fill the air with colour as well enjoying music from big DJ’s


3) The Music

There is a line up of artists/ DJ’s for this event, to enhance the experience of the day.
Check out some of the artists that have so far confirmed to be at the event.

Ben Woods – Sounds 10 Podcast

RM Bergmann – Prejudice 

Florian Kunicke – Don’t fart on fashion shows

So called Scumbags – Break the mould 

Tim Cullen – Saturday sessions Deep house mix

4)  It will be held at Battersea Power Station

The event will be held at the abandoned place where many film scenes and music videos have been held at. It’s isolated and you can see it when you’re on the train, so if anyone is looking below or across the river, the explosions of colours will be the coolest thing to see.


5) You’ll look like this at the end of the event


Here are the video highlights from the latest Holi One festival at München

Holi One festival will be held in London from August 3rd at Battersea Power Station.
Get tickets here: http://www.holione.com/tickets

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