ALBUM REVIEW – Karnivool – Asymmetry

On July 23rd, it will be the official release of Karnivool’s new album, Asymmetry , but you can listen to the album stream on Guitar World website.

After the first listen, it is clear that Karnivool have experimented to be more diverse with the tracks, wherever it remains consistent through out the album is another matter.  The music is more refined and gives a different feel to every track, but at some points , it leads off the path and becomes a bit distracting, mostly with the second half of the album where it relies more on Ian Kenny’s vocals and sounds less heavier than the first half . Despite this, Karnivool, in some ways,  stays true to the atmospheric surroundings in the album especially with the song Aeons which can be reminded of previous albums. It is a 7:18 minutes song  that attracts the listener of stand out bass lines and addictive vocals that shows off the potential of this album. The lyric writing is also what I enjoyed the most more than any other concept of the album.  Other stand out tracks are We are , with lyrics such as “I want us to face the shape we’re in/A world of confusion awaits our sons and kin/Lets reset it all….These words of wisdom come with lack of vision” that gives a sense of what Kenny wants us to focus on. The Refusal is a song of gritty guitar riffs and great vocals.

Perhaps it’ll take another few listens to get more in to it and to appreciate it more, but it is clear that if you’re looking for Sound Awake part 2, you won’t be getting that since it has left the nest, to never make an appearance again.  If you listen carefully enough, there is a message that Karnivool is trying to convey in this album.

You can listen to the album stream, click on this link

Karnivool will be doing a Europe tour, playing in the UK in the second leg of the tour –

13TH – Wedgewood Rooms/Portsmouth
14th – Thekla/Bristol
15th – Rock city basement/Nottingham
16th – Garage/Glasgow
17th – Corporation/Sheffield
19th – Academy 2/Manchester
20th – Institute Library/Birmingham
21st – KOKO/London

Get tickets here 


Sarah Tsang

One response to “ALBUM REVIEW – Karnivool – Asymmetry

  1. Sky machine is an awesome track but the album is lacking something that themata had. Good review.

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