GIG REVIEW – Pelican at The Garage 17/07/13

With the many changes that have happened at the Pelican camp , the band are back with an upcoming album called Forever Becoming and having let their fans stream Immutable Dusk from the new album lately, Pelican have been busy with a tour and tonight they played at The Garage in London.
If there was one way to cool down in a 30 degree heat on a Wednesday evening, going to a concert wasn’t one of them, and it became hotter as I was surrounded by the heat of humans standing next to me as we stared at the 4 piece band playing on stage. All that didn’t matter though and as the houselights were dimmed to set to the mood of the music they played, the red and blue lights darkened the whole room.  Pelican opened with the track, The Creeper, which made atmosphere in the room change completely. The sounds of fast paced instrumental music took the crowd on an adventure in only the way a post rock band like Pelican can. As they played through each song, there were points where you could feel connected emotionally to the music, especially with new song Immutable Dusk and other songs such as Lost in the headlights and Strung up from the sky. With bands like Pelican, you can create scenarios in your head , picking out words that can associate with the music, and this is a way of experiencing a live gig in the biggest way.
Pelican ended with Dead between the walls for the encore, a personal favourite of mine that was built with intensity in a live setting.
The night finishes and as I head back out in to the warm summer evening , the band and the show reminded me how much music can speak to you through just sounds even when there are no vocals because  you can make your own words up to go along with the music.  Music is a universal language that brings a crowd together to take them someplace new,  in this case, Pelican at The Garage on a Wednesday night.

Sarah Tsang

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