SINGLE REVIEW – Beyond the State – Revolution

Words have meaning, words have power and if there’s one way to get someone’s attention, it is to do it through music. Music speaks a lot and everyone knows it including Welsh rock band, Beyond the state.
The band released a new song called Revolution, and the first thing that stands out, are the lyrics. Lyrics should always have an impact on the listener, this is what Revolution includes. A reminder of people can still be part of a revolution, that it’s fine to change and be beyond the status quo. “Break the walls down, bring it  to the ground, START A REVOLUTION!” , are the hard hitting words of encouragement for the listener.  It’s not  something new that bands write with a political edge -Rise Against being the best example- but it is often needed because people  forget about the individuality.
Revolution is a song filled with melodic driven riffs and cool guitar solos to go with it, allowing the listener, to not just enjoy what the message is about but for the music which will get people to sing along at gigs. The vocals of Dan Chad is something that can be constantly listened to and it won’t get repetitive
Beyond the state are a band with a message, who will no doubt inspire and motivate fans through their music.

Listen to the song below:

Check out the band on facebook:

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