ALBUM REVIEW – Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the gods

Amon Amarth are back and in return, they have given us something brilliant in the form of an new album called Deceiver of the gods.  The band gave us a teaser what the album would be like by releasing the title track two months before the album release. The title track was enough to give us a clue what the rest of the album would be like, intriguing us for something more.
The whole album unleashes something more ambitious than the last album , 2011’s Surtur Rising. Their sound delivers all the elements of a Amon Amarth record, but still refreshing in terms that they don’t roll of the path and just remain consistent in their work. There is an ever-present of melodic instruments, and the guttural roars of Johan Hegg. The performance , production   and writing is what stands out the most in this record, immersing with creativity and richness.
Songs that gives an impressive stance are  We shall destroy, Under siege  and Warriors of the north, which is a song that deals with great riffs and musically captures the mood.

Amon Amarth are getting better with each record, and it shows in their live shows too.

Amon Amarth will be headlining the Defenders of the faith tour later this year with Carcass and Bleed from within.

You can get tickets here

Buy the album

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