REVIEW – Four Nights Gone- Broken Wings

Back in the day when Youtube wasn’t around, the only way you could find new music was through music channels, or going in to music stores, finding album covers that will catch your eye and then take the chance by buying it in hoping it’ll be good music.
This is what Four nights gone did. Album art covers are a way to intrigue potential listeners and fans, and with that, you bring up a load of theories through that cover art and wonder what the album is about. A flower growing out of an arm, and petals falling in to a hand? How cool is that?!
The latest song ,Broken Wings  the band released as a music video is also just as cool as the album cover. Instantly, the song starts off strong, with influences of Trust Company, Inme and Chevelle all in one. The more the song goes on, the more addictive it is, especially with the vocals as it captures the listener’s attention. You can imagine how this could be shown intensely at a show, especially with the drumming in the build up that invites you to nod your head and stamp your feet. A song about hope and desperation , this is a band that fans can relate to.

Check out the music video

Buy the album for $5

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