GIG REVIEW – Yoji and the bears at Fiddler’s Elbow 05/07/13

It’s hot in Camden, but it’s slowly cooling down for the summer evening, and to top it all off, there are a few bands playing at Fiddler’s Elbow around the corner from Chalk Farm station. With a beer in one hand, we sat down as we waited for the bands to arrive on stage. I mean ,let’s face it, life’s too short to miss out on music even if it is way too hot for England.

Yoji and the bears were the second band of the night, and despite technical difficulties(also the lack of two other band members), they rolled on with professionalism and remained consistent through out their set. The soothing voice of lead singer , Yoji echoed through out the room and displayed much confidence.  Even when there was a lack of band members,they rotated around ,  it is good to know that Yoji, Ali and Jessie are all talented in different musical departments. The band did some Beyonce covers, which lit up the crowd even more, and to every end of the song, there was a big applause. A sign of success for the band and their set.  It was good to see a band work together.
A personal favourite  song of mine from the band is Shooting Star, with inspiring lyrics and a great chorus, and a sense of accomplishment.

The band will be doing some shows in different cities.
Check out some songs below:

Shooting star


His love

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