Review – Kontinuum – Moonshine

Is there really such thing as bad music that come out of Iceland? It seems every time I come across an icelandic band, they seem to blow my mind whether it may be Bjork,  Sigur Ros or Solstafir.  Kontinuum is definitely one of those bands from Iceland, bursting with brilliance and post-metal , they’re a band to look out for in terms of gigs and music.  I discovered this band while on a trip around checking out music on youtube and it completely caught me off guard.
The band’s single Moonshine, a song is from their album Earth Blood Magic, it

starts off with an epic guitar intro and completely takes a different turn for this kind of music genre, with clean vocals than growling that usually happens with post-metal. The vocals is what stands out in the song, delivering a sense of both feeling hopeful and despair.
Imagine being on a boat, it’s caving in as it sails through the heavy  storm, half way through the storm, the boat tips over, but the passengers survives by holding on to the edge of the boat, making through the crazy waves and then in the end, everything is quiet, the sun comes out and infront just so happens to be an island to another adventure. This is what I can imagine as I listen to this song. The instrumental parts of the song doesn’t trail off and become stale, leaving with kept interest.

If this is the first you’ve listened to Kontinuum, Moonshine is a way to start off the journey to Kontinuum.

Listen to  Moonshine here


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