REVIEW – Kalmah – Seventh Swamphony

Usually, when a band takes a massive break from making music and come back , it either picks up two types of reactions; Holy fuck, or what is this? Luckily Kalmah is on the Holy fuck reaction. It’s been so long since Kalmah has made music,  even though it’s only been three years, music is always on the move especially in the metal world.
This is Kalmah’s seventh album, it is appropriately named Seventh Swamphony, it  picks up where it left off from the follow up 2010 album, 12 gauge and from the sounds of things, the band doesn’t sound like they have left for 3 years at all. The album brings instant impact from the beginning with the opening and title track , that gives you a taste of what is to come for the rest of the album, it is intense, and melodically driven, and leads the listener in to the world of Kalmah.

A highlight of the album is the song Hollo, which stands out  and is a personal favourite. It is sort of a ballad type song, but never drives off the path of what Kalmah is,  dark and atmospheric. It features growls and clean vocals , starting off the song like a build up to a battle, and the driving forces of anticipation, musically and emotionally connected to bring together  a song like Hollo.  Each song is a formula to addictive melodies and imagination of stories
Overall the album is experimental, but still has the stamp of Kalmah written all over it, the music is still refreshing in ways of evolving as a band, what it offers to the audience. It gives of a variety of different songs, and accomplishes what the band was set to deliver.
It’s been a long time since Kalmah has made music, and Seventh Swamphony is the key to welcome us back in to this world.


Seventh Swamphony –


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