Festival Preview: RedFest

So in typical festival fashion, the rain has set in for festival season, but that doesn’t mean it should stop us enjoying the music. Later this month, Redfest will be happening and it’s something you should definitely check out.


Here are  reasons why Redfest is the festival to go this summer –

1) Independent and successful 

Just because a festival is independent, doesn’t mean you should judge it by that title. Some festivals fail and not happen again, but not Redfest, now in its 7th year , it is becoming bigger and bigger and it’s only a few miles away from London so you don’t have to travel that far.


2) The price and  lineup 

With a line up of acts like Bastille, Arcane Roots, Hacktivist , Bleed from within, you’d expect it ‘ll be £200, when in actual fact, it’s cheap as chips, with prices starting from £65 for Friday, and £36 for Saturday. The line up is diverse, so there is always some band you’ll look forward to seeing.  Liking what you hear so far? Read on, reader, read on.


3)  This video of  Redfest 2012 

4) The lineup

Did we mention the line up?


Redfest hosts not just big bands, but also local bands getting a name out for themselves aswell as DJs.  So if you wanna check out new bands as well as the bigger bands, this is the place to be.


5) Creative competitions to win tickets

Most festivals do competitions for someone to win tickets, but why be boring by answering questions when you can make videos of yourself doing something funny to win tickets. It’s not just any tickets, it the full VIP treatment.  You can get:
* A pair of VIP weekend passes:
* A tent
* A crate of beer
* A crate of Monster Energy
* Hot meal tokens
* 2 x Hype t-shirts of your choice
* Official Redfest merch

Go on the website for more information.

Redfest 2013 takes place from July 26-27th at Robins Cook Farm in Surrey. Go to Redfest website for more information

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