REVIEW – The Whiskey Syndicate – Darker side of your mind

So let’s set the scene; it’s Friday night, in a venue full of people jumping and singing their lungs out as they take a sip of their beers, the atmosphere is something to witness yourself, and then The Whiskey Syndicate plays Darker side of your mind, which results in the crowd to scream in excitement.  This is what I can imagine as I listen to this song.

A band from Wolverhampton , this is The Whiskey Syndicate’s 4th single, Darker side of your mind from their album , Right side of crazy. Every part of this song is pure rock and roll , and there’s something about this track that makes you want to just join in and sing along with front man, Anthony Wright as he blasts out that chorus. The seductiveness of the music including vocals, leads you in to enjoy the whole experience of the song, perhaps that is how it is intended to be, especially the subject of the song. From just this song, there are influences of hearing Black Stone Cherry in their music, and for a first time listener, it can lead to listening to their rest of their album.  The intro of guitars doesn’t disappoint and comes in strong for the rest of the song, with lyrics like “I have seen the darker side of your mind”, you can imagine their audience pumping their fists as they sing those words. Basically, if there’s one thing we like to admit, we showed this song to a few friends and we look forward to check them out at their gigs in the future!

If this is your first time hearing to The Whiskey Syndicate, and you’ve enjoyed what you’ve listened to ,  you can buy their album here 

Check out their song below

For more information on The Whiskey Syndicate go to their website

Sarah Tsang

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