REVIEW – Diesel13 – Roar

Diesel13 is no stranger to the music game, with already two tracks that are being licensed  for the next series of the popular TV series “True Blood”, it will be sure to put his name on the map.

Roar is a song that delivers instantly from the first few seconds, it keeps the listener intrigued to listen throughout the song. It is clear  from this song, it has elements of inspirations of that of Johnny Cash, which is a good thing. Diesel13’s voice is exceptionally raw and interesting to listen to, which makes this song stand out. The song is catchy to listen to , and there are points in to the song where I caught myself nodding my head and tapping my foot along to the beat.  The song is consistent throughout , capturing moments that makes you want to sing along.
The singer describes this song about being free from fear, and breaking free from feeling imprisoned, a message that many people may feel that they could relate to.

Roar is taken from his album “Hobo Risin” and you can listen/download the track below.

Sarah Tsang

One response to “REVIEW – Diesel13 – Roar

  1. Thanks for the great review Sarah….love your writing and glad I got your foot tapping. Look forward to sending you more of my songs……Cheers D13.

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