FEATURE OF THE DAY – Top 5 song covers by bands

Sometimes it’s rather cringe listening to cover songs of musicians on youtube, perhaps it’s because of the way they play it or the singing, and then there are fully fledged bands who do songs but sound like they can’t reach that potential. Despite all of this, there are some great band covers from bands out there who gives as much much respect for them and vice versa.

Here’s our Top 5 song covers – some more funny than others…..

1) Motorhead – Sandman (Metallica)

Because it’s Lemmy, that’s what.

2) Cancer bats – N.I.B (Black Sabbath)

There’s a lot of bands that do Black Sabbath covers, and there were so many i could choose, including Stone Sour with Children of the grave but I felt this fits well.

3) Corey Taylor and Camp Freddy – Them Bones (Alice in Chains)/ Nutshell (Alice in Chains) by Corey Taylor and Aaron Lewis

There are so many Alice in Chains covers , I had to pick like 3 songs, because I have so much love for this band.  I felt Corey Taylor and Aaron Lewis are the guys who can do a song cover for Nutshell well. There’s no hiding that Corey is a massive fanboy for Alice in chains, he recently put Nutshell in the setlist for Stone Sour for their tour.

4) Children of Bodom – Oops, I did it again (Britney Spears)

Because it’s always good to have fun, and this is in the form of Britney Spears, the first time i heard this, it made me laugh.

5)  Bowling for soup – Stacy’s mom (Fountains of Wayne)

I find the story hilarious that loads of people thought Bowling for soup created the song, Stacy’s mom but when in actual fact it was by Fountain’s of Wayne, and then it got to the point, of fans asking BFS to sing the song in shows. So in the end, they recorded the cover to mess with people’s heads more! This is basically like  Wheetus and Weezer with Teenage Dirtbag.

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