FEATURE OF THE DAY – Support the local music scene

As certain bands get bigger exposure,  there are usually a handful of local bands that deserve the attention. Supporting the local music scene lets the bands gains more attention from potential fans that leads them to getting CD or digital sales which leads to bigger venues , moving out of pubs and small venues. A lot of local bands , people  seem to ignore , maybe because  they don’t get a bigger chance. Most shows are pretty cheap or even free, giving potential punters to be curious of what the type of music is playing. When £40 is out of your reach to see a big band, search up music venues or walk in to one and they will always have some kind of band playing for free or a measly £3 -£5. Venues like 100 club, The social,  Cafe 1001, 93 east, most venues in Brick lane will have this sort of exposure and always willing to accept bands, even pubs like Old Blue East , Camden Barfly, Rattlesnake gives bands the exposure. A lot of local bands are always grateful for the support they are getting from fans even if it’s buying t-shirts or going to the free gigs, grateful for 5 people in the room. I’ve been to shows where there have been a maximum of 6 people in the room and the energy the bands bring makes you wonder how they could have little exposure.

So support the local scene, you never know, you may hear them on the radio some day or see them at a festival. A pure example of this is Heaven’s Basement who I saw back in 2009 supporting a japanese rock band and now they’re everywhere and even played at Download festival.

Here’s some bands you should check out –


Charlie Indestructible



Guitar have ghosts

Against the flood

Black Polaris

Broken Links

Cloud boat

When our time comes

Lazlo Device






Let us know if there’s any bands you want us to check out!

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