If you haven’t played The Last Of Us yet, it’s best to look away and click that x button in the corner, unless you love getting spoiled about new things , then keep on reading!

There aren’t many games that can make me feel emotionally attached or the fact that these games can be so intense , it makes you pause the game for a few games to take in what had just happened.  When Naughty Dog goes all out on a game, they do it properly, in graphics, in voice actors, in story telling and even music. Perhaps i’m just gushing rather than reviewing but a soundtrack should fit appropriately to game scenes, so that the player will understand the situation and that is what The Last of Us does.
Every song fits with every scene in this game, making it emotionally charged and surreal in points of intensity, and the awareness of where you are in the game. The song , Home stands out especially  in cut scenes such as Joe rescuing Ellie from the hospital , which actually made me cry. It is a song that makes you wonder if it’s either full of hope or despair especially in that scene.  Songs like The last of us brings a sombre mood as you play through out the game especially when Sarah dies, and makes you more motivated to fight the hunters or clickers.

Music should always motivate you, or bring any type of emotion to the table and this game does it well.

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