FEATURE OF THE DAY – Nostalgia 2001-2003

It’s the year 2002 , kids are  walking around in bright coloured t -shirts and baggy 3/4 length shorts, and it’s the height of the success of  punk rock. Being at  the age of 11, at this point of time was the on going discovery of loud guitar music, that went from Slipknot, to Queen to Blink 182 and developing a taste beyond what was shown on radio and TV. Ironically, my love for punk rock at the time started from watching music channels , this music channel doesn’t exist anymore but I guess I could say it is where it has led me today.   I suppose these bands are the ones you can’t get away from , even when music tastes change and being the ripe age of 22. I managed to see all these bands from over the years which is something to tick off the list!

Do you remember these songs?

New Found Glory – My friends over you

Bowling for soup – Punk rock 101

Blink 182 – The rock show

Simple Plan – Addicted

Sum 41 – Fatlip

Good Charlotte – Anthem

Foo Fighters – Times like these

Feeder – Just the way i’m feeling

What did you listen to in 2002?

Sarah Tsang

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