Even though Alexisonfire has split up months ago, it doesn’t mean we can still celebrate the success that was Alexisonfire and the music that they have left behind,  and still crave the sounds of Dallas’ voice even though he is doing solo stuff but it’s not the same right?

Here’s our top 10 Alexisonfire songs

1) Alexisonfire – Born and Raised

2) Alexisonfire – Rough Hands

3) Alexisonfire – This could be anywhere in the world

4) Alexisonfire – White Devil

5) Alexisonfire -Accidents

6) Alexisonfire – Boiled Frogs

7) Alexisonfire – .44 caliber love letter

8) Alexisonfire – Pulmonary Archery

9) Alexisonfire – Crisis

10) Alexisonfire – We are the sound

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