NEWS – DevilDriver reveals tracklists for new album

DevilDriver revealed the new track names for the upcoming album – Winter Kills. The album will be released on 27th August and will be touring worldwide  in support of the album later this year. We expect it to be as heavy and absolute melt in your face brilliance just like their other records!

The revealed tracks are:

1. The Oath

2. Ruthless

3. Desperate Times

4. Winter Kills

5. The Appetite

6. Gutted

7. Curses and Epitaph’s

8. Caring’s Overkill

9. Hunting Refrain

10. Tripping Over Tombstones

11. Sail

12. Shudder (Bonus Track)

13. Back Down to the Grave (Bonus Track)

You can pre-order the album here 

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