SINGLE REVIEW – Our Ceasing Voice – Hopes of Yore

Our Ceasing Voice released the single,  Hopes of Yore from their new album, When headline hit home.

There is certain eeriness contained in this track and it captures the mood from the get go. It starts with a voice repeatedly saying “all souls to plead/for hopes to yore” which leads to instrumental sounds of piano and acoustic guitar. The build up of the song , shows an unsettling mood , perhaps to give the listener a perspective of imagination of what the situation they may feel they are in while listening to this song.   Half way through the song, the vocals are set in which gives it a more a chilling feeling for the listener, furthermore, the song grabs enough attention long enough to not over play the mood and ends the song on a high

Our Ceasing Voice are currently unknown but they have the potential to become bigger in the post-rock industry.

Get When headline hit home album here 

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