ALBUM REVIEW – Cloud Boat – Book of Hours

Cloud Boat recently did a London show, promoting their Book of hours album at The Lexington. It was something, I’ve never heard before, and this is why I’ve decided to buy their album and review it here.
It’s hard to define in words, what a band like Cloud Boat is. I could easily make up a word and pretend it’s a real word, but I won’t , so I shall leave it as something as “positively indescribable”.
Cloud Boat to me , is a mixture of all emotions and if I could compare the band, I feel that they are the love child of Mogwai and Flying Lotus.
Book of hours is an album , full of songs that will surprise you with every listen, the intensity of emotions and vocals are contained in each song. The ambiance atmosphere of the tracks are evident and surprises you with an electronica feel especially in songs like Pink Grin II and   Drean. It’s the type of music when in a gig, it makes you instantly notice what is happening. I believe this is the highlight of their career, to surprise their audience with something new each time.
Songs like God Head and Kowloon Bridge gives a sense of calmness, and leaves the listener wanting more just because of how short the songs are.
As you listen through the album, is becomes an intriguing experience which leads you in some sort of trance with every track.
With a band like Cloud Boat and 11 songs to this  album , it is enough to have someone’s full attention and enough to reach out to a new fan base.

Grab their album here

Sarah Tsang

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