AlBUM REVIEW – Hatebreed – The Divinity Of Purpose

Hatebreed came out with a new album in January 2013  called “The Divinity of Purpose”. They promoted the album  by doing a US/Europe tour which was much anticipated considering the success of this album.
The divinity of purpose packs more than a listener will first grab on to, with intensity and power of heavy breakdowns , it will lead you to  wanting to listen more of the album(unless you’re too busy doing a one man mosh pit in your bedroom)  The album is full of lyrics that makes you just want to declare with positivity and angst at the same time.

The Divinity of Purpose opens with “Put it to the torch“, a brilliant song of which Front man Jamey Jasta tells his audience toset fire to what tries to put you in to a negative space.  This shows in lyrics that struck out as “Here’s your apology, here’s to burning out , and here’s to fading away.Fuck you both, I just put it to the torch”
The next track is called “Honor never dies” a song that fits right with the album, and a personal favourite of mine especially with lyrics like “Sometimes , standing for what you believe, means standing alone”. Allowing the audience to understand that despite all your beliefs, and that people may not follow it or agree with it, it is always best to keep going for yourself because that’s the only way to achieve  the better.
In  “Own your world”, you can imagine , this song being played live and the fans shouting the words “NOONE” in union back to the band, with their fists up in the air.
In all 12 songs , with it’s quick pace in music,heavy guitar,  blast you in the face vocals, it leaves a deep impact after you finish listening to the album. Jasta understands its audience and knows his words will leave something chilling and something to think about.
Hatebreed delivers through with uplifting messages that is sometimes often missing in music without sounding cheesy, this is what makes them stand out , the therapeutic feeling as you listen to the album whilst possibly screaming out these words. Despite the repetitive aggression, drumming positivity in to your head , it allows you to understand more and get in to it than just listening to it because of the brutal sounds of Hatebreed and this album.

Check out Honor Never Dies lyric video:


Sarah Tsang

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