INTERVIEW – b4by f4c3

Chiptune is something a lot of people are unaware of or will dismiss as music so here’s an interview with b4by f4c3 aka Frank Angotti to tell Relive the Music what is going on with what he is working with.

There is a constant change of movement in the music industry, what made you interested in the chiptune genre? 

I’ve always been very interested in ‘video game type music’ and I have always been a huge fan of
anything electronic (synths and such) and after looking into this a little bit using LSDJ.  I realized, “Hey!
this is mega fun and you got so many choices for such a “small box” to work in. Makes it kinda hard
but definitely opens your mind to many things.

Do you think this type of genre has developed in to something bigger or will always stay underground? 
I’m not quite sure how to answer that because, yes its still very much underground but I think
it really depends on where you are. Like NYC for example, it’s kind of well known there and a few others. Also
you can hear a few “new age radio musicians” using some of the “samples” as we do…So yeah i’m not sure how
to quite answer that, I hope it doesn’t go mainstream.

Who are your influences? 

Hmm my influences? Well that spans from Stevie Wonder to Eat Rabbit & The Cure. I listen to
a little bit of everything really, kind of hard to pin point an EXACT influence, only one I can say for sure
is Les Claypool. If I haven’t heard his music I wouldn’t have picked up bass 13 years ago and started to
want to make “odd noises” with other things which I guess lead to this!

What do you enjoy the most as an artist?

What I enjoy the most is playing shows, regardless if it’s 5 people zombied out or 30 people
all getting down. As long as someone out there is having a good time ,get a bang for their buck, I’m quite
happy.  I try to stay on the road as much as possible because the more musicians I meet the more open
my mind gets to ideas.

What is the process of making a song?  

I don’t really have a process, I normally just wait for random tunes to come to my head and mess
around on a thing or two see which match up and go from there. Very small things can trigger a song, inspiration
in strange places basically.

What is your favourite song that you made and played live?

To be honest, my favorite song I’ve ever made, I’m currently working on and going to be putting on
my next full length album (no set date). Mainly like it so much because it sounds so much different than anything I’ve
ever done.

What  do you say to people who don’t understand  or are curious about chiptune and the music you like?

Depends really, if they seem very interested i’ll show them all. I can to get them started but if
it’s obvious they are just trying to press your buttons and make you look dumb, I just go with it and make it
look more complex than it should be just to make them go away!

What is coming up for b4by f4c3 in the foreseeable future?
Well I’m going to be on a lot of collab/comp albums this summer. I will do some shows here and there,
but will mostly be working on this next album because I want this one from here on out to be different than the
last like  12 or 13 I’ve made. I’m going to add a ton of new elements to it, for updates on that and all of that visit
my random sites!

Check out his music on this link

Sarah Tsang

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