Calum Heath Of Kaveli gave Relive The Music an interview of  what’s happening in Kaveli.

1) What made you want to start the band and how did you and the guys come with the name Kaveli?

The band was formed by my brother, Liam. He asked me if I wanted to sing  despite the fact I wasn’t massively interested in music at the time. We got the name Kaveli from the philosipher Machiavelli , mainly we wanted a name that made people question and try to understand its meaning.

2) Who are your musical influences?

Every member of the band has different influences, originally the band was influenced by groups  like The Verve and Pixies. It changed when Tyrian the guitarist joined, who came from a heavy rock music background, he bought influences from bands like Deftones and Team Sleep. Personally, the bands that influence me are Radiohead and Megadeth.

3) Your new song is called “Colour Fades”, what is the subject of it?

It’s about lots of different things , and not just one specific thing. It’s a collection of thoughts and ideas. The lyrics were improvised but refined later, a lot of the song was spontaneous.

4) What do you enjoy the most in being a part of Kaveli, especially as the lead singer?

I love playing gigs and writing. It is worth it when you get on stage, for the excitement. I enjoy the adrenaline of being on stage.

5) What else is coming up for Kaveli? 

We are releasing an EP around June and July. Since the band has had massive changes in the line up over the past couple of months, we have now a new bassist. Our drummer will leave in September so this is our last EP until we solidify a new line up.

Here is a live video of Colour Fades:

You can download their free album here 


Sarah Tsang

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