The Sirens are a British rock band from the North London rock scene that revives this psychedelic sound that echoes from the Grunge genre. At first you are met by the song ‘Just be cool’ that is initiated by loud drums and a sexy bass line. As it progresses, the loud distortion of the guitar riff comes into play and you find yourself already hooked. This grungy tone blended with alternate rock is exercised by The Sirens perfectly and makes each song fantastic to listen to. The three piece rock band is like the nurtured love child of Kula Shaker and Queens of the Stone Age, bringing back that loud rebellious style from the late 90’s which we all love and remember. With that in mind, you can also hear certain inspirations from the Arctic Monkeys through the catchy lyrics and strong vocals.
One of my personal favourites  is the rough demo of ‘Bricks of Youth’ with the powerful line that is; “But the riches that you came with, have all made you poor”. It’s a deep reflection on life that many of their fans can relate to and compliments the amount of emotion that this band put into their songs. On to the more psychedelic side of the album is the song ‘Answers’ for example, which sounds like  a blend of The Beatles and The Vines. The whole psychedelic vibe from The Sirens is a breath of fresh air in the rock scene today which they can be credited for.
This album continuously changes in style and is quite varied. Seven tracks certainly works for this band for a good first impression to new listeners, let’s hope we’ll be able to see the results of the finished product.

Download their demo here


Dave Hammel

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