The first time I went to see LTNT  perform live, it was for Oxjam a year ago, I was pleasantly surprised with their heavy alternative rock music and confused at the same time, as to why a band like LTNT was playing in a pub in Shepherd’s Bush and not big venues.
The London based band recently released their EP called Blessing, with two tracks called Blessing and Gay bait and it certainly delivers impressively. The title track starts off like a build up to a battle, I caught myself head bopping to the guitar riffs and then 25 seconds in , along with the drums , the music kicks you in the face. With lyrics like “In the wake of catastrophe, …i’m the gun that i hold in my head” it stands out and makes you want to listen to more.
Next is the song,  Gay Bait, if you weren’t aware of the band before and this is the first time you’ve heard of the band, it would may seem that it sounds like a tribute or a joke, but alas you are wrong , dear reader, it is far from that. The song explodes with melt in your face guitar riffs and when the chorus comes in with the loud shouts of “GAY BAIT”, it is easy to imagine that fans could be shouting along those words at a music venue.

So this is LTNT, and I don’t doubt the success that will carry on from here on.

Download their free EP here 


Sarah Tsang

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