GIG REVIEW – The Dead Lay Waiting at MCM London Comic Con 25/05/13

For a band like The Dead Lay Waiting to perform at a new segment of Comic Con, is something unfamiliar for a convention heavily based on comics , TV shows and films. So perhaps it’s a refreshing moment to bring a band and its fanbase to this place. The band were also there to promote their new comic book series, which has led to receiving many fans in the process. Unlike many acts that performed at MCM fringe stage, The Dead Lay waiting already had a fanbase , who were ready to shower their love and screaming fits upon the band. The band may not be some people’s taste in music, and yet they have this energy on stage that you can’t ignore, summoning new born fans from across the field to the tiny stage.
Lead singer, Luke Lukas knows how to work a crowd, encouraging fans to chant their song lyrics, headbang, and at some points, as he dramatically falls down to the ground, lets the front row touch his hair.
It is with their heavy rifts that leads the performance to full edge of excitement, however with bands such as The Dead Lay Waiting, it is a dangerous format, to sound all the same as any band in that genre. Resulting in being in the back of the “cupboard”, forgotten with the rest of the bands that try to stand out with crazy hair and pretty faces.   Despite all of this, you can’t help but think , with their big exposure from their two day dates at MCM, their music will continue to grow, along with their fans and what will happen to this band in the next coming months.


Sarah Tsang

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